Clarity Sessions

Clarity Sessions

 Access Consciousness® is a set of practical tools and processes that allow you to change different areas of your life, often in ways that you haven’t been able to change them before.

Clarity Sessions may help you to unblock the energy that has become stuck, knotted, twisted in some way causing anxiety, depression, stress, fear etc.

It is possible with Access Consciousness® verbal processing to quickly and easily go back to the point where the problem was created and release that energy. As you release that energy, you have more ease in that area, helping to overcome that weight and dread you feel.

These verbal processes of Access Consciousness® have shifted so much for myself since I have been using them – with more ease and speed than any other technique.

What Happens in an Access Consciousness® Clarity Session?

A session would begin with me asking about what you would like to change – this can be anything from your health to your financial situation, to your relationship, to how you feel about your body, or general anxiety or stress, or even help to clear the fogginess depression leaves.

From the information given I can work out where the energy is “stuck” from this, we work through the problem by asking questions that enable you to release that energy – bringing you more ease.

How Long Does an Access Consciousness Clarity Sessions Last?

Clarity sessions are done via Zoom and usually last for 30 minutes. They can be longer. Following a clarity session you will be sent a recording of your session to listen to as many times as you desire. this can take your

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